Screw Compressors For Sale

Goscor Compressed Air Systems offer a wide range of screw compressors that are perfect for various applications and industries. Our screw compressors are efficient, reliable, easy to operate and require low maintenance intervals. Most importantly though, they offer superior performance. We have a variety of different types of screw compressors to choose from – so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

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What are Screw Compressors?

Screw air compressors use positive displacement to compress gas that can be used as energy for industrial and manufacturing applications. The screw compressor design is known to be reliable and versatile as well as efficient and flexible.

How Do Screw Compressors work?

Using two spiral rotors, known as a male and female, screw compressors spiral using positive displacement to compress air or gas.

The Different Types of Screw Compressors

When it comes to the different types of screw compressors on the market, we only trust Ozen Compressors to deliver excellence in this market. Take a look at the variety of industrial screw air compressors that we have in stock:

Rotary Screw Compressors

We offer a range of Ozen Rotary Screw Air Compressors for sale that have proven their quality over years in the market. Combining customised special solutions, the Ozen Ultra-Series Rotary Screw Compressors offer maximum performance and these additional benefits:

  • Maximum free air delivery
  • Maestro 30 control panels with a graphical PLC display (which can control 1 to 4 compressors, display immediate electric consumption,
    possible malfunctions, pressure levels and temperature of screws at a compression unit).
  • Automatic function for monitoring faults, keeping track of maintenance times and other functions.
  • Special soundproofing materials make the working noise level of this compressor series lower than 80 dB(A), which makes it more
    environmentally friendly.

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Booster Screw Compressors

At Goscor Compressed Air Systems, we also offer a range of Ozen Booster Screw Compressors that are used in various industries that require high pressure applications. The features of the Ozen OBS Series Booster Screw Compressors guarantee safer, trouble-free operation, as well as these additional features:

  • Can be run quickly, and easily
  • Offers low working noise levels
  • Cools down by air, no separate cooling system needed
  • 40Bar at manometer
  • 40Bar at manometer
  • Requires only long maintenance intervals

We also stock Ozen OBS Series Inverter-Controlled Screw Booster Compressors which offer users significant opportunities to keep their compressed air costs low. Energy loss is further minimized by using an inverter control of the screw booster.

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Where to Buy Screw Compressors?

Choose Goscor Compressed Air Systems for all your screw compressor needs. We have been distributing and supplying quality air compressor systems for years and are the leaders in the air compressor market in South Africa.

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