When it comes to renting high-performance machinery for your business, it can feel like a difficult decision to make. How do you know what machine is perfect for your needs? How do you know that the rental company can be trusted? What should you be looking for in an air compressor rental company and what are some of the non-negotiable must-haves?

All these questions can make the process feel daunting, especially when it’s imperative that you don’t make a bad decision that could cost you time and money. Here’s where Goscor Compressed Air Systems comes to the rescue. When you want to rent air compressors, trust Goscor to provide you with the perfect solution.

In this blog, we will guide you through how to choose an air compressor for your needs. We will also give you advice on what to look for in a good air compressor rental company.

How Does A Compressor Work?

There are a variety of different kinds of air compressors that serve a range of industries across the world. The basis of how most air compressors work is they draw in atmosphere air and force into under intense pressure which is then used as energy that is stored. The pressurised air is converted into usable kinetic energy.

At Goscor Compressed Air Systems you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different types of compressors including portable compressors, piston compressors, screw compressors and silobass compressors.

The Criteria for Choosing The Right Compressor for your Business

When choosing the right air compressor for your project or business as a whole, here are the five most important factors to consider.

#1 – Size and type of compress

Understanding the size and type of compressor is the first step in knowing what kind of air compressor you require. What size space to you have for your compressor, is it a large enough space for a larger machine or are you limited by space and therefore require a smaller, more compact compressor? Do you have a preference as to the type of compressor you can work with onsite? Does it need to be mobile?

#2 – Air pressure and volume

Differing compressors offer differing air pressure capabilities and volume specifications. It is important that you understand the needs of your project and what you want to achieve with your air compressor in order to know what air pressure the volume of machine you require.

#3 – Storage capacity

Space is a key factor when considering your air compressor rental. How much space do you have on site to house your compressor, bearing in mind that ideally a compressor can be run outside in the daytime (weather permitting) and should be housed undercover at night. Are you in need of a fixed compressor that will be placed in one spot for the duration of the project? Or do you require a portable compressor that is mobile enough to be moved around from site to site?

#4 – Power supply

What type of power supply can you offer your compressor? Do you need it to be run independently on diesel or petrol? Or can you plug it in to a permanent power supply?

#5 – Noise

Many customers forget to consider the noise levels of a compressor and then struggle with the consequences once on site. Be mindful of what your site, or location is going to be when using the compressor. Will there be noise sensitive areas around like clients, offices with staff etc? Will you be running it indoors or outdoors?

The Most Important Performance Characteristics of a Compressor?

Once you’ve got a clear indication of the type and size of the compressor you need by clarifying the points above, it’s also important to understand what you want your compressor to be able to deliver on.

A good air compressor needs to be able to guarantee you the following:

  • Excellent volumetric capacity
  • Excellent pressure capacity
  • Powerful performance

What To Look For In An Air Compressor Rental Company?

There are machine suppliers everywhere, which makes it hard to know who to trust. When deciding as to which rental company to choose to rent an air compressor from, these factors need to be considered:

  • How long has the company been in service and how big is their customer base?
  • Do they offer excellent after-sales service too including parts, servicing and maintenance services?
  • Are the brands they supply, internationally recognised with a great service record?
  • Do their machines meet the highest safety and performance standards?

Where to Rent an Air Compressor in South Africa?

If you want a company you can trust, that offers world-class machines at excellent prices, look no further than Goscor Compressed Air Systems. We distribute and supply top-quality air compressors and equipment from leading international brands, but we also offer a state-of-the-art parts, servicing and maintenance division.

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