Compressed Air Dryers For Sale

Compressed air dryers remove water and water vapour from compressed air which is often a side effect of the compressed air process. Goscor Compressed Air Systems not only offers a range of compressed air equipment from leading international brands Sullair and Ozen, but we also offer additional equipment like air dryers and air filters that are necessary as part of a compressed air system.

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Why Use an Air Dryer For Your Compressed Air System?

There are different compressed air dryer types used for a range of applications in industrial and manufacturing environments. Generally, compressed air dryer systems are needed to remove water vapour from compressed air in order to separate the water from the air.

Our Range Of Compressed Air Dryer Types

At Goscor Compressed Air Systems, we have two types of air dryers to choose from, depending on your needs and applications:

Ozen Refrigerated Air Dryers

Özen’s ODR Series Refrigerated Air Dryers are used to dry compressed air after the compression stage. Compressed air has an immediate heat temperature decrease at a high rate in compressor cooling systems and because of the quick heat change, water occurs and must be separated from compressed air, and this is exactly what the ODR Series of Refrigerated Air Dryers do.

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Ozen Desiccant Air Dryers

Özen Desiccant Air Dryers provide up to -40 °C pressure dew point. These dryers are designed to supply clean and dry compressed air for critical applications. Pre and after inline filters are supplied together with Özen Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers to keep the air stream clean and maintain the integrity of the desiccant medium.

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Where To Buy Compressed Air Dryers?

Goscor Compressed Air Systems has you covered when it comes to compressed air equipment no matter which industry you are in. We offer two of the leading international brands in compressed air solutions, Sullair and Ozen, as well as an excellent parts and maintenance team to keep you going.

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