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Piston Compressors for Hire

Are you looking for a piston compressor for hire for your industrial project? At Goscor Compressed Air Systems we offer a range of piston compressors for rent that are well-suited to most industrial and commercial requirements.
Choose a spray paint compressor rental with us today and get your industrial project started right away. It’s reliable and easy to use, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.
Call Goscor Compressed Air Systems now on 011 594 4354 to find out about the full range of reciprocating compressor rental options we offer now.

How to Rent a Reciprocating Air Compressor?

When you need a reciprocating air compressor rental company that you can trust, choose Goscor Compressed Air Systems now. We stock a range of piston compressors from leading international brand, Ozen Compressors, that are high performing and designed for a range of industrial uses.

Chat to the Goscor team today about all our piston compressor rentals now.

Rent a piston compressor today on our website!

Our Range of Mobile Piston Compressors For Rent

We offer the TK and CK range of piston air compressors from Ozen, a class-leading air compressor solutions company known the world-over. Our range of piston compressors for rent offer a variety of tank volumes, air suction capacities and motor power.

  • Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Booster Screw Compressors

How Hiring Piston Compressors Can Benefit Your Business?

By renting a piston air compressor from us today, you’ll be investing in a machine that has many features and benefits. Plus, you’ll only be what you need for the time you need it for. We offer a variety of rental period options too. Here’s what you’ll get when you rent a piston compressor from us:

  • Durable, vibration-free machines
  • High-efficiency systems
  • Accurate and effective pistons and cylinders

Where Can I Hire a Piston Compressor?

If you want guaranteed top-class equipment at competitive rental rates and sale prices, chat to Goscor Compressed Air Systems today. We offer a variety of air compressors for sale and rent and are dedicated to providing you with sales, parts, rentals, and after-sales excellence.

Contact us today or request a quote now.


How long can I rent a piston compressor?2023-01-12T11:51:07+00:00

Goscor Compressed Air Systems offers excellent piston compressor rental periods and rates, so enquire now.

How long does a piston compressor last?2023-01-12T11:50:07+00:00

If you maintain an air compressor regularly and well, it can give you many years of great service.

What should I look for when renting a piston compressor?2023-01-12T11:49:03+00:00

Make sure you rent the piston air compressor you need from a company you trust. Goscor Compressed Air Systems offers a range of machines from world-renowned manufacturers and offer sales, rental, and after-sales excellence.

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