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Screw Compressors for Hire

Screw compressors are reliable and efficient machines that are used for a variety of industrial applications. At Goscor Compressed Air Systems, we proudly hire out a range of screw compressors and we guarantee that we have the perfect one for your needs.

At Goscor Compressed Air Systems, we understand that time is money, and in these tough financial times buying a new machine outright is sometimes not an option. Save your company time and money with our screw compressor rentals. You won’t have to waste time shopping around for the best deal because we have everything you need right here at Goscor Compressed Air.

Call Goscor Compressed Air Systems now on 011 594 4354 to find out about the full range of screw air compressor rental options we offer now.

How to Rent a Screw Compressor?

Keen to rent a screw compressor from a company you can trust? Chat to the team at Goscor Compressed Air Systems to discuss your screw compressor hire needs. We will be able to advise you as to which screw compressor is right for your needs at rental rates that are unbeatable.

Rent a screw air compressor today on our website!

The Types Screw Compressors Available for Hire

At Goscor Compressed Air, we offer screw air compressor hire on a variety of compressor models and brands. We proudly supply screw compressors from Ozen, a leading international compressor manufacturer. The range of Ozen compressors are available to buy and to rent and include:

  • Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Booster Screw Compressors

How Hiring Screw Compressors Can Benefit Your Business?

When you hire a screw compressor from Goscor Compressed Air Systems you’ll get great options on machines at prices that will suit a limited budget. Here’s why hiring a screw compressor can benefit your business:

  • Hiring costs less which will suit a limited budget
  • Get the benefit of accessing repairs and maintenance services
  • Peace of mind from a supplier you can trust

Where Can I Hire a Screw Compressor?

For a wide range of screw compressors for hire, choose Goscor Compressed Air Systems. We provide world-class compressors manufactured by leading providers for sale and rent at competitive prices.

Contact us today or request a quote now.

What are the advantages of a screw compressor rental?2022-11-29T06:07:41+00:00

When you rent a screw compressor through Goscor Compressed Air Systems you’ll get the benefit of lower rental costs and you’ll be able to access top quality repair and maintenance services too.

How long can you rent a screw compressor?2022-11-29T06:06:59+00:00

We offer flexible rental periods at Goscor Compressed Air Systems including daily weekly, monthly and long-term solutions.

How many hours do screw compressors last?2022-11-29T06:06:14+00:00

Find a screw compressor for hire that suits your unique industry needs with Goscor Compressed Air Systems. Our compressors for hire have all been stringently checked to make sure they meet our high standards.

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