Employment Equity

Diversity and Equity Policy Statement:

The diversity and employment equity policy of the Goscor Group of Companies respects, and is founded on, the Goscor’s vision and commitment to quality and equity; its values; its socio-political, cultural and geographical environment; and the legislative environment. To create an environment that supports, reflects and promotes equitable and inclusive behaviours and practices, and respects individuals and groups of people, it is crucial that Goscor examines its value and belief systems. Personal experiences, biases and prejudices can influence professional and ethical behaviour and effect: service skills and strategies; the value of interactions between employees, temporary staff/contractors; and the ability of stake-holders to work cohesively as a team.


The purpose of the Goscor Diversity and Equity Policy is to:

  • Ensure that all persons are treated equitably and with a level of mutual respect;
  • Reduce bias and prejudice;
  • Develop a range of practices and guidelines that actively counteract bias or prejudice;
  • Promote inclusive practices;
  • Encourage all persons to communicate respectfully and fairly; and avoid stakeholders making comparisons between the difference in race, creed or sex, of staff/employees or any other stakeholders, their backgrounds, abilities or additional needs.

Goscor treats and respects people equally regardless of:

  • Gender, age, socio-economic status, race, language, beliefs, additional needs and family structure or lifestyle.
  • Goscor will not tolerate behaviours, language or practices that label, stereotype or demean others.
  • Goscor recognises and values the differences and similarities that exist between staff/employees or any other stakeholders, management, students and the wider community.