Ask 8 Questions

What is air used for (acfm or m3/min)?
What pressure is required (bar)?
What is the electrical supply (voltage)?
How does existing compressor cope?
What is the model, size and kW of existing compressor?
Future demand required?
Do you require a refrigerant air dryer & line filters?
Do you require an air receiver?

Daily Operation

Prior to starting the compressor, it is necessary to check the fluid level in the oil tank. Should the level be low, simply add the necessary amount of oil. If the addition of the fluid becomes too frequent, a simple problem has developed which is causing this excessive loss. See the Troubleshooting Section under Excessive Fluid Consumption for a probable cause and remedy. After a regular start has been made, observe the instrumental panel gauges and be sure they monitor the correct reading for this particular phase of operation. After the compressor has warmed up, it is recommended that a general check on the overall compressor and instrumental panel be made to assure that the compressor is running properly.

-Do not remove caps, earplugs or other components when the compressor is running or pressurized.

-Stop the compressor and relieve all internal pressure before doing any work.

Locating of Compressor

The floor which the compressor is mounted should be capable of carrying the weight of compressor and should be flat and dry. It is enough to prepare a concrete platform that dimensions are as 20cm bigger than main chassis dimensions and its height is 15-20cm. The platform must be regulated balance. Locate the compressor on the platform by using hard rubber wedge. Compressor room should be easily accessible and sufficiently illuminated. For adequate service, the compressor should have a clearance of at least 1.5 m from ceiling and 1 m from the wall. Fire and corrosion causing conditions should be prevented in the operation region. Establish a separate line for condense discharge of your filter and dryer and air tank; this way the floor of the compressor operating place does not unnecessarily get wet. Put an air exist and electric box in your compressor rom for general purpose.

The compressor must be located which the side of free air inlet can absorb cool air easily. If you think there will not be sufficient amount of air flow. When doing this, the outgoing hot air of compressor should not return. For this reason the hot air outlet and air inlet should not be on the same side. When making duct at the compressors hot air exit, the most important thing is duct should not be narrower than the dimensions of compressor hot air outlet cowling and it should not be long or curly to cause resistance. In case of the compressor operating in the room without a duct discharge the hot air can arrange by fan inside the room; simply there will be a fan with similar capacity of the fan on the compressor. Place this fan to the closest point of the compressor hot air outlet. Avoid not expose the compressor cooling radiator to direct sun light or regional strong winds. Avoid the compressor room being subjected to hazardous gas and vapour, heat or corrosive dust emitted by central heating boiler or generator type of equipment. The temperature the compressor operates should be at least 2 and at most 40 and if necessary heat the compressor room.

We explained how apply the air inlet-outlet of compressor. If you have no chance like these explanations, please contact producer. The air receiver of the stationary compressors has to be in a safety area against any explosions, and moveable compressors must be far away minimum of 10 m from the staff or they must be in a safety area.

If the compressor settled to a high location, there must be a barrier etc. around it to avoid any fall down of the machine due to vibration.

Compressor during in settlement has to consider shutting down from far away in the case of an emergency.

Application of Air Connection

Outlet pipes are between – according to the compressor type. It can be suitable to connect a flexible hose to compressor air outlet for cutting vibration. Be sure that, hoses and fittings on the pressure line must be proper to the operating pressure and unharmed. Also notice that the service should be equipped with condensate drains throughout the system. If you have other needs about the pressure line, contact service.

Application of Electric Connection

Electric connection should be done by an authorized stuff. A different switch should be used for the electric connection and the connection should be done on it.

Suitable wires have to be chosen for proper operating. Engine power, voltage, distances between working area and transformer centre etc. should be considered at the time of choosing.

The other important point is the direction of rotation. Engine has to rotate on the arrow way. It can be adjusted with phasc changing. Otherwise there can be serious damages on the machine.

Before the initial start;

1) Check the incoming voltage

2) Check all electrical connections for tightness

3) Operate the compressor to check the engine rotation direction