Goscor Compressed Air Systems (GCAS) aims to provide customers with continuous air with its newly-bolstered rental fleet, according to GM Warren Schultz. The newly-launched rental offering, which will supplement new sales and also support service and maintenance, focuses on portable diesel compressors and stationary electrical units from leading brands Sullair and Ozen.

“Apart from the significant benefit of no upfront asset costs for our clients, they automatically also have access to a higher standard of equipment. The rental option is ideal for planned maintenance and outages, or seasonal peak demands and unexpected equipment failure,” Schultz elaborates. Equipment can be upgraded or replaced in terms of a flexible payment plan, with added accounting and tax advantages for clients.

The newly-bolstered rental fleet caters for the large demand for these units in a range of industries, from construction to extruders and even mining. “The applications are diverse, and the demand is therefore very high, with major growth potential and opportunities,” Vanessa Koszulinski comments, who heads up the portable rental division.

The main benefits for rental customers are not only that they have access to some of the best brands in the compressor industry in Ozen (stationary) and Sullair (portable) units, but that any maintenance or wear-and-tear repair costs are built into the rental contract itself. This represents a significant cost-saving for customers.

“Given the current state of the market, where margins are tight and customers are increasingly price-sensitive as a result, we find that the rental option is often the most flexible, particularly with regard to aftermarket support,” Koszulinski explains.

An added benefit for rental customers is that the units are available wherever Goscor Group branches are located countrywide, including Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. “Due to GCAS being part of the larger Goscor Group, we are able to provide back-up no matter where our customers are located. The major advantage is that we can offer a quick and effective turnaround at all times,” Koszulinski adds.

It is anticipated that the rental fleet will also boost new sales, as it gives potential customers excellent exposure to the capabilities and features of the Ozen and Sullair brands. “We do find that rental customers are so impressed by our turnkey capability that they want to purchase the units outright. On the other hand, the rental offering also means we are able to offer replacement units wherever these are needed. It is a real win-win for us and our diverse customer base,” Koszulinski concludes.