Industry stalwart and the new Goscor KLG national sales manager, Kevin Miller, says that there is a global push in the compressed air industry for lower levels of energy consumption and lower life-cycle costs on equipment.

“Increasingly environmental and long-term efficiency issues are paramount in the decision to purchase compressed air equipment and Sullair is one of the  leaders in this regard,” Miller says.

He adds that Sullair’s philosophy of ‘total compressed air systems’ reduces energy costs and improves productivity by analysing, managing and controlling users’ compressed air systems. Sullair’s compressed air offerings include: plant air audits, energy efficient products, compressed air system controls, air distribution products and more.

“Of course part of this equation is strong technical expertise and after sales and support, which the KLG and Goscor merger provides at the highest levels,” says Miller.

The Goscor group recently acquired KLG and while the former brought to the table its excellent product and undoubtable financial and marketing expertise, KLG brought its legendary technical and service expertise. “The opportunity created by this acquisition is enormous and was further enhanced by the JSE-listed Imperial Group’s acquisition of a majority stake in the Goscor group, bringing a major injection of muscle to the business,” he says.

With respect to costs of compressed air systems, Miller says that energy costs now represent 82% of the total operating expenses and that savings in this area become critical over the life-cycle of the equipment.

“Energy savings from the Sullair ‘S-energy’ compressors are making a palpable difference as these machines significantly reduce operating and energy costs over the entire compressor life cycle. Each component of the system is carefully matched for capacity and pressure to provide maximum performance and energy efficiency,” says Miller.

Goscor KLG runs one of the largest compressor test bays in South Africa where all aspects of a compressor’s performance can be monitored for any mechanical or technical faults. The test bay is equipped to handle compressors up to 5000cfm, 380V, 525V or 6,6KV. Goscor KLG has its own fleet of vehicles to transport repaired and new compressors anywhere in southern Africa.

The company is also able to offer Real Time Monitoring (RTM) services using cell phone technology. “By attaching a monitoring device to each compressor, technicians are able to remotely monitor machine running hours as well as other aspects of operation and the company is alerted to any potential problem before it occurs,” says Miller.

Meanwhile Goscor KLG has delivered 10 compressors to Vale’s coal mining operations in Tete Province, Mozambique. These have been installed at five sites on the mine, including the tyre repair workshop, lubrication bay and two heavy vehicle repair workshops. “We have managed to offer the client a turnkey solution, with the value of the project over R1-million. It is these kinds of opportunities that we are looking for and we are sure that we can tackle almost any application,” concludes Miller.