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Real Time Monitoring:

We offer Real Time Monitoring using cell phone technology.

By attaching a monitoring device to each compressor we are able to remotely monitor machine running hours as well as other aspects of operation.

The big advantage of this technology is that we are alerted to a potential problem before it occurs, as we are equiped to monitor in real time, this allows us to respond timeously.


Condition Monitoring:

Condition monitoring is carried out when major services are done. An oil sample is taken and vibration readings are taken at specific reference points on the compressor air end and motor.

The oil samples are sent to Wear Check where the integrity of the oil is checked and also checked for microscopic particles. This allows us to see if the oil change intervals can be extended and also if there is any abnormal wear occurring in the compressor.

Vibration readings are taken and recorded on a graph. A trend is built up and should any of the reference readings begin to deviate from the norm we can investigate and prevent a failure before it occurs preventing unnecessary stoppages, and costly failures.