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Goscor Compressed Air Systems, proud distributors of Sullair and Ozen compressed air, vacuum and construction equipment. We also service and repair of all major compressor brands. Goscor and KLG came together during 2011 and created Goscor Compressed Air Systems, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise into the compressed air industry.

Goscor Compressed Air Systems continually strives to be ahead of their competitors through innovative management constantly keeping astride with global advancements. They have set their sights on professionalism, efficiency & trustworthiness, aiming to please & taking pride in customer peace of mind.

Goscor-KLG-Compressed Air Warehouse

No stone left unturned
State-of the-art equipment and superior quality parts ensure that all work carried out is of a high calibre. A step by step repair program is followed ensuring a quality end product. Before receiving the final touch of spray paint, all repaired compressors are test run for final inspection after which the unit is stamped with the most Comprehensive Aftermarket Repair Warranties in the Industry! Proof once again of our Commitment to the Quality and Pride we take in Our Work!

Electrical back up
Goscor Compressed Air Systems offers a comprehensive service including an electrical department, handling all aspects of electrical repairs, again saving the client precious time, and ensuring that all repairs are carried out efficiently and accurately with minimal delay

Time efficiency
Goscor Compressed Air Systems has at its disposal a wide range of local and imported spares aiding in the speedy repair of the compressor thus minimising costly down time.