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Compressed air solutions

Compressed air solutions have become an integral part of many businesses’ day-to-day lives, not only in our Southern African region, but across the globe. Compressors have become a staple for many jobs across a wide range of industrial fields, ranging from mining, manufacturing, petrochemical, chemical, construction, through to automotive, drilling, electronics, oil & gas and power plants, to mention a few.
Equipped with leading compressor brands in the stable, the authorised distributor of Sullair and Ozen compressors in southern Africa, Goscor Com-pressed Air Systems, part of the larger Goscor Group of Companies, has the regional presence, the technologies and the dedication to support industry as proudly as we stand behind our broad range of product and service offerings.
As they say, experience is the best teacher! Compressors are, and always will be, our core business. Armed with the technical and service aptitude devel-oped over the years, we are one compressor supplier, among very few, that has the capacity to service and repair all major compressor brands, giving a service peace of mind to those customers with mixed compressor fleets.

Partnerships to the fore

Our strategic partnerships with our leading compressor principals allow us to leverage their innovative asset management solutions to better meet our customers’ needs, while driving enhanced reliability, lowering total cost of ownership and optimising uptime. Our collaborative approach is the glue that binds our strong and lasting partnerships with our customers, ensuring their compressed air solutions are consistently reliable and energy efficient, across the region.

Electrical backup

The significance of single source alliances when it comes to your equipment needs cannot be reiterated enough. Our comprehensive compressor service capabilities expand as far as electrical backup. We have a dedicated electrical department that specialises in nothing else, but only electrical repairs, al-lowing customers to deal with a single service provider for all their service needs, all the way from mechanical to electrical.

Uptime is principal

Goscor Compressed Air Systems’ focus on uptime is based on our understanding that customers only make money when their machines are running. That’s why we work closely with our customers to further improve common processes and systems that will provide service technicians with more effi-cient access to information and support – ensuring shorter resolution times for the customer.