Today, compressed air is used for all production equipment used by countless industries extending from packaging to textiles, from chemicals to agriculture and from food to automotive as much as the electrical power and the only source of compressed air is the compressor from past to present.

Important advances were achieved in compressor production along with the developing technologies and growing industries. Supplying compressors that offer high performance, trouble-free operation under all conditions and savings to the user became the principal rule of competition in the markets.

Özen Compressor is a compressor manufacturer, which has been increasing its quality and product range day by day for meeting the customer expectations amply under these competitive conditions. The foundations of Özen Compressor, the shining star of compressor sector were laid in 1970 by Mehmet ÖZEN in a small workshop.

With the production of machinery that are capable of serving the Turkish industries for long years both in variety and
quality, Özen Compressor has continued with its rise thanks to its customer satisfaction-based production philosophy and has become a large family today with an extensive sales and service network.

Since 2012, Özen Compressor has been continuing production in its new 20.000 m2 factory located in the Konya
Industrial Park. With its new factory and advanced production technologies, the company has a wide product range that includes screw-type compressors, which comprises an important percentage of the total production as well as low and medium-pressure compressors from 2.5 to 40 bars of pressure along with air dryers and filters. With its innovative technologies and solutions aimed at lightning the burden of the heavy industries, Özen Compressor has been continuing with its R&D efforts ceaselessly to keep the technology and design of all the products at a modern level in line with the acclaim of the customers.

ÖZEN COMPRESSOR provides uninterrupted support for its users with the pre-sale services offered to the user and the broad after-sale service network. Customer satisfaction and quality principles will continue to prevail in the Özen Compressor production center in the future too.

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