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Portable Compressors For Sale

Goscor Compressed Air offers a range of the best portable air compressors that can be used for
various applications. Our machines are tough and reliable, making them perfect for any job. We
know that you need a machine that is going to work as hard as you do. That’s why we only offer the
best quality machines that will never let you down.

Call Goscor Compressed Air Systems now on 011 594 4354 for more information on our range of
portable air compressors for sale near you.

How Do Mobile Air Compressors Work?

Portable air compressors are the most sought-after thanks to their mobile ability. The air compressor
itself usually uses a rotary screw mechanism which provides you with compressed air by moving a
piston up and down. Mobile air compressors (whether big or small) are mounted on a tailer-like base
with wheels in order to be towed along to a work site or job.

Mobile Compressed Air Applications

Industrial portable air compressors are often used to power large, pneumatic machinery and tools
like guns, drills, hammers and jacks. At home, people use portable compressors to also power these
kinds of tools on a smaller scale.

Our range of Portable Air Compressors

At Goscor Compressed Air Systems, we stock a wide selection of Sullair Air Compressors which are
portable and offer a range of excellent features. From the smallest air compressor for sale in South
Africa, the Sullair 185 Portable Air Compressor to the large, high-pressure 900XHH Portable Air
Compressor, you’ll find a compressor to match your needs and your budget with us.

Sullair has been an industry leader in compressed air solutions since 1965. Sullair uses its expertise
to provide superior compressed air solutions. In response to customer need, Sullair developed a line
of proprietary compressor fluids and related products. Sullair has also utilized its rotary screw
expertise to produce high efficiency tandem compressors, encapsulated compressors, vacuum
systems and air tools. View the full range of Sullair Portable Air Compressors now.

Where Can I Buy Portable Compressors?

Goscor Compressed Air Systems provide a range of compressed air solutions that can meet any
customer or industry need. Chat to the experts at Goscor Compressed Air Systems now and we’ll
advise you on what kind of machine you need today.

Contact us today or request a quote now.