900 Cummins

Padlockable Service Doors

  • Two wide, lockable service doors making parts
    easily accessible and serviceable
  • Removable cover plates under the base, each
    equipped with a drain port to discharge accumulated water
    and oil sludge from the machine
  • Service doors feature stainless steel hinges
    and T-type door retainers

Mounting Options

  • Dual axle undercarriage
  • Available without running gear

Four Heavy-Duty Air Filters

  • Primary and secondary filter elements

Electronic Control Module:

  • Duplex microprocessor with multiple sensors
  • Diagnostic data
  • Accurate gauging of desired fuel injection quantity
  • Precise fuel-injection timing control

Indicator Lights for:

  • Engine shutdown
  • Engine maintenance
  • Engine fault
  • Low fuel level
  • High discharge temperature
  • Low coolant level

Instrument Panel with Display Unit

  • Display of dynamic fault and fault history in
    text mode
  • Operating temperature range display unit
  • Multi-language options
  • Weatherproof
  • Service reminders

AWF® All Weather Fluid

  • All-weather, all-climate fluid