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Less is more. We employed our concept of “power through simplicity” and engineered superior tools with fewer high-wear parts and reduced air consumption requirements. Our complete line of air tools include paving breakers, chipping hammers, rock drills, rivet busters, demolition tools, concrete vibrators, needle & weld flux scalers, tampers, trench and clay diggers, air hoses and accessories.

Our air tools’ quality chrome finish are instantly recognizable on a busy job site. Advantages include outstanding operator comfort, low maintenance and quiet operation. Built for hard use and long, trouble-free life. We warrant them for up to two years against defects and wear.

Divide and conquer.You can operate multiple tools from a single compressor. For example, a 125 cfm compressor will operate two MPB-90A breakers from one compressor. We warranty all of our breaker parts for two years against manufacturing defects. Also, if a part wears out during normal operation, it is covered by our two-year warranty.

We stock a full range of construction equipment that incorporates our OIL FREE Technology.

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