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Compressor Maintenance Services

If you air compressor is not working at the standard you need it to, it might be time to get it serviced or repaired to full capacity. At Goscor Compressed Air Systems, we not only supply a range of world-class compressed air systems and solutions but we also offer a comprehensive air compressor maintenance service too.

From routine compressor maintenance to emergency repairs, Goscor Compressed Air Systems has got you covered. Let us help you get your compressor back up and running like new in no time! Call Goscor Compressed Air Systems now on 011 594 4354 for more information on the compressor maintenance services we offer.

Why Should Your Air Compressor be Maintained?

Keeping any kind of machinery maintained and in good working order is essential to the optimum running capacity of the machine. Here’s why you should regularly maintain your air compressor system:

  • To ensure optimum running of the equipment
  • To ensure optimum performance
  • To save money on breakdowns and costly downtime in the future

Our Air Compressor Maintenance Services

At Goscor Compressed Air Systems, we offer a range of maintenance services that customers across a variety of industries need, including:

Air Compressor Monitoring

We are cognisant of the fact that solving compressor maintenance issues instantly is such an
important contributor to customer success. We have since placed uptime at the heart of our
compressor monitoring strategy across Southern Africa. Using digitalisation tools, such as our Real
Time Monitoring technology, as one enabler of improving efficiency, we have an extended
enterprise view to be even more proactive in the support of our customers.

Air Compressor Audits

Purchasing decisions should be based on data rather than guesswork. Goscor Compressed Air
Systems has the ability to assess customers’ compressed air needs via professional air audits, using
the most up-to-date equipment, thereby not only eliminating the guesswork but also ensuring air
system efficiency, lowering operating costs and improving the bottom line.

Air Compressor Repairs

We have invested in a contemporary, fully-equipped compressor repairs workshop, where the
equipment is evaluated and prepared for major repairs or rebuilds. This is done in accordance with
stringent ISO9001 quality procedures, which is also applicable in the whole process, from cleaning
and preparation, to repairs and compressor rebuilding.

Our Compressor Parts Department stocks genuine compressor spare parts which are critical to the efficiency of any
compressed air systems and guarantees a longer life cycle of the machines and equipment.

Contact us For All Your Air Compressor Maintenance Needs

Goscor Compressed Air Systems is here to help you with all your air compressor repairs. We know
that your business depends on the timely operation of its air compressor. That’s why we work
quickly and professionally to get it back up running as soon as possible! Our expert technicians are
knowledgeable in repairing all brands, models – even vintage ones – so you can rest assured
knowing our service will be perfect for whatever brand or model.

Contact us today or request a quote now.