High Pressure Family

Padlockable Service Doors

  • Large front and side doors provide
    access to air filters, engine and
  • Rear service door provides access to
    fuel tank, batteries and compressor
    fluid cooler
  • Serviceable components within easy
  • Routine maintenance is simplified
  • Reduced downtime and service cost
  • Service doors feature stainless steel
    hinges and T-type door retainers
  • Complete fluid containment

Three Mounting Options

  • Highway towable tri-axle version
    includes electric brakes, mechanical
    parking brake, restraining tow chains,
    E-Z lube axle system and tail lights
  • Four-wheel steerable mounting
    and less running gear on mounting
    rails are also available
  • All have tie down locations built
    into the frame

Two-Stage Dry Type Air Filters with
Safety Element

  • Positioned to draw cool outside

COMPASSĀ® Electronic Engine Control Gauges
and LCD Graphic Display indicate:

  • Discharge pressure and
  • Aftercooler air temperature and
    louver activation (if equipped)
  • Engine speed, hours of operation,
    coolant level and temperature
  • Fuel level, usage rate, pressure
    and temperature
  • Engine air temperature and oil
  • Compressor and engine status
  • Ambient air temperature
  • Separator restriction
  • Voltage
  • Percent engine load

    Indicator Lights for:

  • High compressor temperature
  • Low fuel
  • Compressor shutdown and warning
  • Engine shutdown and warning
  • Protective Shutdown Switches

  • A protective circuit also prevents
    starter engagement when machine is
  • 0 to 100% Capacity Control

  • Automatic inlet valve and unloaded

HPL1500 Compressor Fluid

  • Low engine oil pressure, high
    engine water temperature, low water
    level, high compressor temperature
    or low fuel level
  • Best-in-Class 1500-hour change
  • Resists sludge and varnish